Investing in the stock? Clear!!!

Perhaps many of you have thought to invest your money in the stock market, but have not done so out of fear or ignorance. And certainly the union of these two factors makes any investment of this type quite risky.

However, attacking fear and ignorance one can venture into these areas.

If you want to lose the fear of investing in the stock market, we recommend reading the book "RICH FATHER, POOR FATHER", a book that will teach you that fear is your worst enemy, and will give you a guide so you can achieve not only an economic independence, but it can become rich.

We also recommend "Play the stock market", either in or in In these portals you can make investments in shares almost real, but without risking your money. With the use of simulators you can learn and practice the process of making investments, which will lose your fear and gaining knowledge and "virtual money". Both simulators provide stock quotes with a time of 20 mins. of delay, which to play and learn is good.

Although the best simulator is that of (where you can even win prizes); the environment, exchange of ideas and support between expert investors and novices is much better in So you should use both. One to simulate and "invest in a real way" and the other to learn.

There are also other types of investments that you should learn about, such as forex (buying currency), mutual funds, etc.

At the end of your learning and practice process, you can decide whether or not to invest your money in the stock market. What you should not do is say NO to something you do not know.