I feel emotionally bad: what can I do?

I feel emotionally bad: what can I do?
As we know, although we feel very happy and happy, our mood can vary and play tricks on occasion. It has happened to all of us that there are certain days when we feel extremely happy and others in which we experience sadness and we feel unmotivated.

So if in these moments, either because one of these situations is happening to you or you are simply less animated than other times and even sad and melancholic, you should know that you can always do something to find yourself better. This is why in this Transkerja.com article: I feel emotionally wrong, what can I do? We are going to give you a series of practical tips so you can overcome this situation.

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Reasons why you feel bad emotionally

There are many situations that can cause our mood to decline, situations as difficult as the loss of a loved one, a serious illness, a breakup, among others. Also some less serious such as having discussed with a friend, the couple, a co-worker, remembering a sad moment in the past, etc.

Next, we will mention what are some of the main situations that cause some degree of discomfort and sadness to appear in people . Pay attention to each of them since you probably feel identified.
  • Having had a loss It is completely normal that if you have just experienced some loss in your life, be it due to the death of a loved one , a love breakup or the loss of work, you find yourself emotionally ill due to the deep natural pain you are experiencing right now.
  • Having had a bad day There are days when things work out better than other times, either because we have put more or less effort into doing them or just because of luck and sometimes this can cause discomfort and frustration in people.
  • Remember things from the past. If lately you have spent remembering situations from the past where you have had a very bad time, being thinking about it causes you to be reliving the same emotions that you experienced on that occasion as sadness, anger, anger, etc.
  • Depression: If you have been feeling this way for a long time or at least go 2 weeks in a row that even for no apparent reason your mood is extremely depressed, you should pay attention to all the symptoms that you are presenting as there is a possibility that you may have depression or that you are manifesting the first symptoms. If you have any doubts, we offer you the following Beck depression test .
  • Stress. Another possible reason is that you are lately subjected to many situations of constant stress and finally the discomfort is already manifesting in your mood.

I feel emotionally wrong, what to do?

Whether or not you have identified with the above reasons, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are always things you can do to find yourself better and increase your mood . It is advisable that you carry out this series of practical tips so that you can go little by noticing a change for the better.

Focus your attention on something positive

Surely right now your attention is focused only on aspects that you consider negative in your life. So pay attention to what you are thinking in these moments and once you have identified that what you are thinking is mostly negative, withdraw without getting your attention on it and focus only on positive aspects . Make an effort to think about the positive aspects that you have in life and give importance to things that we often leave aside such as having a roof to sleep in, hot water for showering, food, etc.

Do not generalize

Often people tend to generalize everything and say things like for example in this case: "I can never do things right", "everything goes wrong", "I will never be able to be happy" , etc.

But is it really like that? The answer is not because there are always things we can do well, not everything we do is wrong, we have the ability to be happy at least at times or for periods of time, etc. So every time you catch yourself generalizing, stop and try to see things objectively.

Get closer to your friends and family

What we usually do when we find ourselves discouraged and discouraged is to get away from other people, which only causes us to have the opposite effect to the one we want. So it's time for you to look for that social support network that you need, you can for example call or go to visit your friends and spend pleasant moments with them because right now is when you most need your company.

I feel bad about myself, what can I do?

To finish this article, we want to finish solving the following question " I feel bad emotionally: what can I do? " Through three tips based on positive psychology:
  • Do nice activities The fact that you start doing pleasant activities will undoubtedly help you to significantly increase your mood. You can for example go out and practice the sport that you like most, go for a walk, go to the movies, go out with your friends, have sex, dress with clothes that you like, give yourself a hot and relaxing bath, etc.
  • Physical exercise. The exercise is undoubtedly excellent to increase our state of mind since it not only activates us physically but also emotionally. It also helps us to stop paying attention to those unpleasant things that we are thinking about and allows us to focus on the present moment.
  • Meditation. When we feel bad emotionally it is because we are too worried about what is going to happen (we focus on the future) or we are distressed by what we did in the past. Meditation helps us to calm our mind and to pay attention to what really matters here and now.