How to Recognize a Selfish Man

How to recognize a selfish man - Have you ever met a highly selfish man? Selfishness is an attitude that implies thinking only of oneself, that is, living for oneself without ever worrying about the welfare of others. One can be a bit selfish in certain situations or with certain people or can be selfish in many situations and with many people, can also hurt or not to others with more or less intensity.

Surely if you're wondering how to recognize a selfish man is because you have the feeling that someone close to you is being with you. In this article on, we are going to give you a series of keys that will undoubtedly help you to detect a selfish man.

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How to recognize a selfish man? 4 keys to detect it

A person who is too selfish, is capable of harming others in order to get what she wants. So it can be said that egoism levels also exist in it. Next, we give you 4 keys to detect a selfish person according to psychology:

They intend to benefit from all situations

Although this attitude is quite common in most people since we somehow see it for ourselves, in the selfish people it is much more marked, it is repeated many more times and with greater intensity.

  • By this we mean situations like for example : take advantage of the trust that he has a friend (a) to ask all the favors time, let him invite all the time others and never offered to invite something, do a favor to another person with the intention of asking afterwards something in return, etc.

They do not like to share

They are people who are not used to sharing what they have with others. In this case, a selfish man is distinguished because as a couple, for example, he is reluctant to share what he has with her. This happens in all kinds of situations, from sharing with her her material possessions, to enjoying her belongings alone.

They tend to be spiteful

It is in this case, men, that when your partner or any other person does not give you what you want, perhaps at the moment they do not say anything, however it is an issue that will remain pending for the next occasion when the another person asks for something. For example, if your partner did not reward you as you wished on your wedding anniversary, surely on the next anniversary or special day, he will not either. Resentment towards the couple is usually one of the main reasons for wear, so it is essential to treat it.

They will never give you "the last thing they have left"

These are people who find it too difficult to get rid of their last possession, whether it is a candy or chewing gum. Regularly to these people when they are asked to share with you the last thing they have left of water, of any food, candy, etc. they are capable of inventing something as long as they do not get rid of it, even though they really do not want it or need it. A selfish man in a relationship will never think about leaving the last thing he has left to stay with "everything".

Detect a selfish and immature man according to psychology

The emotional maturity is usually little present in a selfish person, so we can find these features in them:

They are usually stingy people

They are usually people who are not willing to give something for someone without receiving some benefit in return and this is applied all the time to their social life. For example, in the case of a relationship , it is about men who are not willing to offer to go to look for her at work, since it would generate more expense for her, it is rare that they invite a restaurant to her couple and if they do they make sure it is in the most economical place possible, etc. which makes them quite unpleasant and cold.

They do not usually lend any of their belongings

These are men who hardly give up to lend something to someone, but there is a good reason to do so. What they would consider a good reason would be that they are thinking about asking the other person for a favor in return. They have the feeling that if they lend something, they will not get back on their hands, probably because they themselves would not.

They are ungrateful

They are people who in most cases are not able to thank or give a word to someone who has done something for them. Even though the other person has already done many favors before, they will never or almost never be able to say "thank you".

How to treat a selfish man in the couple

A selfish man really feels that he is the "center of the universe" and that everything revolves around him. When they have a partner for example, they rarely think about her and their well-being, on the contrary they think only of their own benefit and feel that their partner always has to be there to help them get what they want, despite what that implies for her. They tend to be extremely demanding and like that their partner always do things for them, without stopping to think that at some point they also have something to do for her.

How is a selfish person in love

If your partner tells you something about this type of behavior, they deny being like that and may end up doing some kind of favor with the sole purpose of making your partner feel that there is reciprocity, but they do not do it from the heart. It is very rare for a selfish man to do something towards other people because in reality he is born and because he cares for them, almost always, as we have mentioned in previous points, it is going to be the things to receive something in return.

To treat a selfish person in the couple, it is essential to encourage assertive communication . In this way, you can let him know how you feel and what your real needs are at that moment.