How to lift your spirits - 10 tips

Do you think your mood is down lately? We all spend moments in which it seems that emotions and positive thoughts are not going to return and at this time it is very important to know strategies that help us increase our mood to avoid entering a loop of negative feelings and sadness.

Our state of mind will depend to a large extent on our habits and our well-being. How to improve the mood? In this article we will show you how to lift your spirits: 10 effective psychological tips.

Tips to lift the mood

Often our mood goes down and we ask ourselves how can we improve our mood? Next we want to teach you a set of guidelines that will help us to better control our mood as well as exercises to lift our spirits. This set of strategies you can apply in your day to day and you will see how soon you start to notice small improvements compared to the moments that you feel most decayed.

1. Habits to lift the mood

How to lift your spirits to yourself? Throughout this article you will see different tips that will help you raise your mood, but perhaps this is the most important. Our state of mind is conditioned by our physical and emotional well-being and these are related. If we do not take care of ourselves, our mind will feel more tired. We must acquire good habits to take care of our body and our mind.

In addition to this, the change of habits tends to generate positive changes in our state of mind, because the expectations towards the changes, keep us active. All this increases if in addition the changes that we propose contain a significant objective for oneself, for that reason it is advisable to look for a goal that gives us motivation and illusion.

2. Sleep and rest schedules

A bit in relation to the previous advice, the hours of sleep can cause imbalances in our emotional state, which can be related to the lack of energy that occurs when sleeping a few hours. To raise spirits it is necessary to sleep and rest properly long enough, but no more than necessary. Experts expect to sleep approximately 8 hours a day.

3. Physical exercise to lift the mood

Playing sports has proven to be one of the most effective options to raise our mood and this is due to the fact that when we play sports our body produces an increase in endorphins, the hormones related to pleasure and happiness! The release of these hormones occurs before the activation of our body and thus, the sport manages to activate these feelings of wellbeing and increased energy.

It is not necessary to make great efforts, there are many exercises to lift the mood, because any activity that our body exercises will help our body to release more endorphins. We advise you to choose the activity that you like most like riding a bicycle, doing Zumba classes, going for a walk ... any exercise will be useful and it is best to do it 3 times a week between 20 and 60 minutes.

4. Change of thoughts

It is normal that before a state of mind decayed our mind is invaded by many negative thoughts and certain it is, that perhaps it is one of the most difficult factors to control. However, we can try to be aware of our thoughts, try to understand them and once we have clear which thoughts are causing us to feel this way, we should seek to change them for more positive thoughts. For this it can help you practice mindfulness.

5. Social support

It is very common that when we feel depressed we lock ourselves at home, the plan that we most want is to lie on the couch or in bed and put on a series that distracts us. However, this measure is counterproductive, as it increases more the feelings of emptiness and sadness. To increase our mood we must activate our body and our mind, and if we stay at home we enter a dynamic that favors the decayed emotional state.

Given this, it is advisable to leave home, forced as much as possible and healthy to socialize, so call some friends and although you do not feel eager to do activities, you will see how soon after leaving you start to feel better.

6. Relaxation techniques

Stress can be one of the main drivers of discomfort, causing our mood to decline. We must try to avoid or combat stress and for this, there are many techniques and strategies that can help you. Some of the most effective techniques to reduce stress are relaxation techniques, such as Jacobson's progressive relaxation, you can also use mindfulness or breathing exercises.

If in your life you are subjected to many stressors, consider starting to introduce these exercises in your routine, because they will help you reduce the stress that leads to a very busy life in a matter of minutes. These exercises can be practiced daily and will not take more than a few minutes.

7. Laughter therapy

Trying to laugh at times when you feel sad can be a difficult task to perform. However, we must keep in mind that laughter produces a mood effect in our body, which will produce an increase in our mood. Maybe, it is difficult to laugh naturally in these moments, but there are many activities that can help you laugh out loud, like: watching a humor movie, meeting your friends and remembering shameful experiences, going to see a monologue.

8. Reflect

Many times we feel downhearted without knowing very well why. Recognize and discover the problem should be one of the first steps to improve our mood and certain is that many times, we feel so fatigued by the mood decayed that we do not strive to think what happens to us. Find out what it is that makes you feel bad and assess whether its importance is enough to make you feel that way, whatever the answer, and the next step will be to find a solution. If we do not know what is happening to us, we will not be able to solve it.

9. Foods to raise the spirits

It is common that in a low mood we eat and not all food favors our mood, in addition to this abuse can cause problems in our body and affect it also to our mind. However, there is a set of foods that act directly on our mood.

One of them is chocolate, which has the advantage of increasing the levels of serotonin in our body. Serotonin is recognized as the happiness hormone and, in addition, contributes to enhance performance, improves circulation and is a powerful natural analgesic.

Another food that helps to improve the mood is the banana, since it brings large amounts of energy to our body. In addition to this, like chocolate, it produces an increase in the production of serotonin.

10. Music to lift the mood

It may seem silly, but music can convey very positive feelings, because music has the virtue of causing an emotional impact on us. When we feel down we tend to listen to melancholic music, sad, veiled and slow, which can keep our mood low. To raise the mood we must listen to those songs that manage to awaken positive emotions in us, since we tend to associate music with our own emotions.

How to raise self-esteem

Our self-esteem directly alters our mood, because low self-esteem will lead to greater discomfort. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the perception we have about ourselves. To improve our mood is very important that we start by taking care of ourselves and before that, you must start to stop pounding , no one is perfect and we all make mistakes and these must be accepted and respected, because mistakes will help you to continue improving And growing. Do not fatigue, accept with all your virtues and defects, and above all the criticisms you make about your faults construct them constructively. For this you can start practicing self-pity.

On the other hand, to increase our self-esteem is very important to think positively, because maintaining low expectations about ourselves will limit us to what we want to achieve, which will credit the low expectations we had about our capabilities, causing us to enter a loop.

In addition to this, we should avoid comparisons. There will be someone better than us in some aspects, just as there will be people who do not have some of our qualities. We all have our virtues and shortcomings and we must seek to improve ourselves, not by comparing ourselves with others.

Phrases to lift the mood

There are many phrases that can help you reflect and improve your mood. Words can inspire many emotions. Read them and let the words begin to change your mood!
  • In the midst of every difficulty there is an opportunity.
  • Always remember that you are bigger than your circumstances, you are more than anything that can happen to you.
  • Everything happens for a reason, live, love, learn from life.
  • Make your smile change the world, but do not let the world change your smile.
  • Never despair. But if you get there, keep working despite the desperation.
  • Life is short. Do not waste it by lamenting your mistakes or worrying about your future. Enjoy the trip without getting lost in the traps of hedonism.
  • True happiness is inside you.
  • Do not let life discourage you; everyone who is in a good place had to start from a worse place.
  • It does not matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get up.
  • A valuable helmsman navigates even with the flag shattered.
  • It does not matter if you failed yesterday, today you have the opportunity to try again.