How to improve the relationship with my parents

How to improve the relationship with my parents
One of the most important areas of every person's life is the family area. The relationship with the family, especially with the parents, is something that can quite affect a person, either positively or even negatively when the relationship is not appropriate and you do not know how to manage that situation in the best way. If at this time the relationship with your parents is bad, you will surely be experiencing some discomfort that does not let you be calm.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to a series of tips that will help you improve your relationship with your parents so that you can enjoy a fuller life and also increase your own emotional well-being.

Why improve a bad relationship with parents

As we have mentioned before, the family is one of the most important areas of a person's life , but it is the most important. Therefore, when the relationship with this and especially with parents since the role they play in our lives is very powerful, is impaired, but we learn to heal it, this can bring us short-term or long-term consequences in other areas. of our life. The resentment that we can experience towards the parents, all it does is to reduce our energy and fill us with intense negative emotions such as guilt and fear that only cause us sadness and suffering.

When we allow ourselves to open ourselves to the experience of healing the relationship with our parents , we will allow ourselves to modify all those emotions that cause us discomfort, changing them to more positive and pleasant ones. Even doing so will allow us to have more vital energy and feel more motivated to move towards our goals and purposes in life. And what is the result? All of this will ultimately result in increasing our emotional well-being and feeling more spiritually balanced.

Another important and interesting aspect that you have to know is that the relationship you have with other people is greatly influenced by the relationship you have had throughout your life with your parents, so if this is bad, surely you will not feel comfortable with the other relationships you establish. So if you manage to heal the relationship you have with your parents, you will be able to create healthier personal bonds and be able to maintain good interpersonal relationships.

How to improve the relationship with my parents? 5 great tips

The bad relationship you have now with your parents may be caused by different situations that have not been resolved over time and that were increasing in intensity every time. Situations such as misunderstandings, problems that have occurred in the past and that remained unresolved, differences that have not been known to cope, among other types of situations.

Then we will mention some tips that if you take them to practice will be very useful to heal the relationship with your parents.

Stop making judgments

The conflict with your parents comes in large part from the negative judgment you may be making towards them. That is to say, you can be judging them by the way in which they have acted throughout their life, by the way in which they have behaved with you, by not giving you the sufficient affection that you needed, by being as they are, etc.

Remember that you should not be focusing on it or remind them of their mistakes or what you think they are. Keep in mind that like you, they also had parents who probably did not receive what they cannot offer you now. So it is not about judging or blaming anyone , everyone has their own story and we have reasons why we act in a certain way although others can not understand them. So it is important that every time you surprise yourself by issuing a trial, just let it go and don't stick to it.

To brush and release control

Accept that your parents are not perfect, nor will they be, since no one is. Do not pretend to have control of them or the situation, there are things that are not in your hands and that cannot be changed therefore it is not worth holding on to them. You have to learn to let go of control and accept the situation , because although it is true that it is not in your hands to change your parents, what is in your hands is to change the perception you have towards them for a more positive one and that you benefit yourself.


Surely this is the most difficult part for the vast majority of people and even some will think that it is practically impossible to do so, especially if your parents have behaved unfairly with you and / or have also been the victim of some type of abuse for their part.

There are many reasons why it is so difficult to forgive , however, it is not about doing as if nothing had happened and continuing the relationship if you do not want it or do not really feel it. You can get to forgive your parents without having to take them back with them since it is that you manage to turn the page through forgiveness since you are not only forgiving them, but you are giving yourself the opportunity to heal yourself and free yourself through that action. You are allowing yourself to start from scratch with a new vibration and without that feeling of resentment and dissatisfaction.

Spend time with your parents

If you believe that the relationship with your parents apart from healing can also be improved, it is time for you to start getting closer to them. They say that the most valuable thing we can give to another person is our time, so if you try to invest more time in them and improve their relationship , you will surely notice the results over time. Try to visit them more often, call them on the phone, go out with them somewhere, etc. so that you remind them through your actions and offer them part of your time, how much you love them and how interested you are in improving their relationship.

Heal the wound with your parents: take your child inside

Surely right now you have some wounds that have remained open since you were a child and that is why you keep asking yourself " how to heal the relationship with my parents? ".

Maybe you felt in one or several moments unprotected, mistreated, used, disappointed, maybe you didn't feel loved and all this has brought you consequences now in adulthood. So it is important that you manage to close those wounds with which you have remained all this time and also heal the relationship you have with yourself.

How can you do it? A very simple way is to practice healing exercises of the inner child . It is usually done in this way: in a place where you are calm and alone, you close your eyes, relax and begin to imagine scenes that marked you in childhood.

Scenes where you did not feel protected and / or loved and imagine yourself as the adult you are now, talking with that lonely and helpless child who is in need of your unconditional love and support.

You talk to him, you help him and you calm him down through some words of love where you tell him that you will always be there for him and that he can turn to you when he needs it.

I recommend downloading on the Internet some specific guided meditations to heal your inner child and practice them constantly. In this article you will find meditation techniques for beginners.