How to get contracts for a dump truck

Dump trucks are the most commonly used to transport loose material, such as gravel or dirt, and are commonly seen at construction sites. As an independent driver of a dump truck, you should always try to find new contracts.

Get printed business cards with your name, contact number and the type of work for which you are available.

Ask local shops if you can leave some cards at your counter, and report them near garden centers and DIY stores. Customers of these types of stores may need your services if they are planning major works.

Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper, with your contact number, prices and information about the type of work you do.

Get in touch with local construction companies and landscape gardeners, providing your prices and availability. Also contact the suppliers of topsoil and gravel. Build a relationship with these people so that they think about you when they need someone. If you can build a good reputation for the reliability of your service, word of mouth will improve your chances of receiving contracts.