How to get along with your brother

How to get along with your brother
The relationship one has with the brothers is perhaps one of the most important in life. It is a person with whom, at least in most cases, you have lived together during your childhood and much of your life, they have shared the same space, the same parents, among many other things.

So having a good relationship with him, even in adulthood when everyone has taken their own path, is very important. If you're wondering how to get along with your brother right now, it's because the relationship you have with him is valuable to you and you would like to do something to keep it.

In this article: how to get along with your brother ? We are going to give you a series of tips so you can achieve it.

Bad relationship between siblings according to psychology

Before letting you know some tips you can take to improve your relationship with your brother , it is important that you take into account the following considerations:
  • The time you have been having a bad relationship with your brother. This is an important factor to take into account when you want to reconcile with your brother and improve the relationship. Make a reflection about the time they have been like this and also analyze how you felt at that time, if either of you has tried to fix the situation and how they reacted to it. Sometimes it happens that brothers who have not talked to each other for a long time, have really forgotten or overcome what happened and there is no need to do much to reconcile.
  • What was the trigger for them to start having problems? Have an analysis about the causes for which they began to get along. Sometimes it may even be that one or neither of them remembers. You can ask yourself questions such as: when did we start having problems ?, How did his behavior affect me or mine? Was it something specific or were several things ?, how could they fix it? Etc.
  • Why would I like to get along with my brother? It is also important to determine what are the real reasons why you would like to improve your relationship with your brother. It may be because you miss him, because he is still an important person to you, because he is your only family, etc.
  • Getting along with him doesn't just depend on you. You must always take into account that you are going to do everything in your power to get along with your brother, however for that to happen, he also has to do his part. So do not feel guilty if you try and do everything possible to get along with him and in the end that does not happen.

How to get along with your brother? 4 tips

It doesn't really matter how old you are, or how much time you spent without having a good relationship with your brother, you can always do something to solve a conflict situation. Although you also have to take into account your brother's willingness to want to improve their relationship. Do you want to know how to manage sibling fights ? Pay attention to these tips:

Talk to him

It is necessary that you approach your brother and share his way of seeing things and the way he makes you feel not having a good relationship with him. Keep in mind that the way you tell things is extremely important, so you have to avoid getting into unnecessary claims or comments. Assertive communication is the key to being able to talk to him or her. So more than claim, connect with yourself and your feelings and explain for example how sad you are for this situation, how much you miss it and would like to get closer to it, etc.

Reach agreements

Depending on the reason for which they have begun to enter into conflict, it is necessary that after having analyzed it, they can reach some type of agreement that is beneficial for both of them. If the two do their part and are interested in solving the situation in the same way, they will surely achieve it and find a way to reach the best solution.

Be patient

Right now you are prepared to approach your brother and try to improve your relationship with him, however it may happen that he is not at the best time to do so and does not know how to deal with the situation. So if it happens to you that you have gone to talk to him, you have told him things in the most sincere and unclaimed way and yet he has not tried to respond in the same way, it is important that you have patience and give him his space for you to think things through.

Take the initiative

If you want your brother to correct an attitude towards you that affects you and bothers you since it can imply for example that he is not respecting you enough, it is advisable that you be the one who takes the initiative and also start behaving in the way that You want your brother to do it.

More tips for siblings who get along badly

Finally, if you keep asking yourself " how to get along with my brother ", we recommend you read these last two tips for brothers who get along badly.

Do not try to change it

As much as your brother's way of being and / or his attitude bothers you, it would be extremely exhausting for you to invest all your efforts in trying to change it. Remember that the more you try and tell him that he must change, the more likely he will end up doing the opposite.

Do things together

This advice is especially useful when, despite the fact that the relationship you have with your brother is not entirely good and they have their differences, but they still keep it and are frequent from time to time or still live together. Something that will undoubtedly help them improve their relationship is to do activities that both of them like , for example, they can agree to go on a weekend to do a little trip, do some sport, go to the movies, go out to eat, among other things. The purpose is that they begin to have positive and pleasant meetings, which will strengthen their relationship.