Family conflicts: examples and solutions

Family conflicts: examples and solutions
It is normal to have conflicts and problems with people we live with daily. Family problems are relatively common and easy to identify. However, it is important to learn how to solve them since they can trigger serious family discussions if not treated properly. There are many types of family conflicts: between siblings, parents and children, problems in marriage ... and all of them deserve to be defined and analyzed with special attention.

In the following article, we will talk about family conflicts, providing examples and solutions . Do you want to know what to do in a family problem? Then we recommend you continue reading this interesting information that we provide in

Examples of family problems

The problems and the conflict itself, is something everyday in our life. Whether at work, with our friends, in the couple ... and of course, in the family.

Conflict inevitably forms part of coexistence and more when it comes to a family environment in which different generations, ideas and even values converge. There are experts who affirm that the conflict is in a certain way positive, since thanks to it, if it is managed in a correct way, we can develop our social skills .

Types of family conflicts

There are different types of family conflicts that we can face depending on the type of relationship, the seriousness and the root of the problem. Next, we will name the way to classify these problems:
  • According to the relationship between family members : we can find problems of brothers, couple crisis in marriage, problems between parents and children or conflicts between outsiders and family members.
  • Depending on the seriousness of the problem : we encounter minor disputes (anger, reprimands, reproaches), serious discussions to problems that directly threaten the family structure, such as infidelity, child abuse and even gender violence.
  • According to the root of the problem : this way of classifying conflicts is more varied since the reasons why two or more people argue are endless, in any case, to be able to resolve the conflict, its root must always be taken into account.

Common conflicts in the family
What are the main causes of a family conflict? How can we solve a problem between siblings? What if there is an older person involved? These issues often appear on many occasions when we try to solve a family problem. In order to address it correctly, we can analyze these examples of the most common conflicts in the family :

Example 1: Problems between siblings
When they have more than one child, the brothers are likely to argue more than once, whether because of jealousy, envy or personal differences. In order to address a problem between brothers we can encourage dialogue and assertive communication between them.

Example 2: Problems in the couple
The problems in the couple can occur in all the stages of a relationship: either in its beginnings or at the moment in which they decide to start a family. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the dynamics in a couple to avoid wear.

Example 3: Conflicts over money
Economic problems are usually the order of the day. Although the smallest do not usually participate in these types of disputes, many of their dynamics and activities do get involved.

When we talk about economic family conflicts , we put ourselves in a very tense situation since it is difficult to adapt the role we take to our loved ones when there is money involved.

Example 4: Family problems due to health
The health problems in the family are usually the most complicated to manage emotionally, this is because there are two types of conflicts that lie in health:
In the first place, the fact of having a person with health problems that we have to take care of supposes a high demand for attention, time, dedication and effort.
Secondly, the fact that a loved one is in a negative state of health has a strong impact on our mood and can produce situations of tension derived from our feelings of sadness and worry.

How to solve a problem in the family
Finally, if you find yourself in any of the situations we have raised throughout the article, you should take note of the solutions to family conflicts that we are going to offer you below.

Family problems: what to do

Depending on the type of problem in your family, you should follow some advice or others. However, they all share patience, emotional intelligence and assertive communication.
  • If the problem lies in sibling fights, as we have said before, it is important to foster an environment in which both can express themselves without fear. Avoiding ineffective communicative styles (passivity and aggression).
  • In the case of couple problems, it is essential to work the dynamics and prevent conflicts from becoming intoxicated to people who are not involved in the initial problem. For this reason, it is recommended to learn to live together as a couple during a prudential time before forming a family.
  • If the family problem is focused on health, it is convenient that more than one person be responsible for managing the needs of the patient . Otherwise, the mental well-being of that family member can be affected very negatively.
Finally, to end this article on family conflicts: examples and solutions, we are going to show some very simple steps for any type of conflict, be it of the nature and severity that is:
  1. Listening : it is difficult to solve a problem if one has not understood what is happening to the other member of the family.
  2. Talk : assertive communication is based on talking openly about how we feel without hurting the emotions of others. This step is essential to solve problems in the family.
  3. Participate : remember that your family can be a very important point of support in your life, participate in solving problems in order to facilitate everything to be resolved.
  4. Show affection : even if there is no conflict, tell your parents, grandparents or siblings how much you love them close ties and foster affection in the family.