What is Yacht broker? Definition and Example

What is Yacht broker?

There are many kinds of profession, and yacht broker is one of them. As its name, it is a profession related to the yacht. Simply, it is like common brokers who always help people in the process of selling or buying stuffs. However, in the case of yacht brokers, they will help sellers who want to sell the yacht. It also helps buyers who need to find yacht.

Definition of Yacht broker

In term of definition, yacht brokers can be understood as specialists who help sellers and buyers of yacht. They serve and work as the representative in the process of selling or buying depending on the clients. In this case, it is not limited to yacht only, but it can also cover the boat.

In providing the services, a yacht broker will have such kind of agreement, and it is to set the payment and other rules or mechanism in the process of selling or buying. Of course, the job of the broker is not as simple as being representative and helping the process. There are many specific jobs in details, and that's why this job is needed, either to represent buyers or sellers.

What Does a Yacht broker do? Example

When talking about what a yacht broker does, there can be many kinds of jobs. As what is mentioned above, the job is to facilitate and become the representative of clients in the process of selling or buying yacht and boat. In details, there are some jobs to do, especially for brokers who help sellers.

1.    Advertising

First job to do is to advertise the boat or yacht. Well, sellers do not need do things by themselves since the broker will do the jobs. There are many access for advertising the boat or yacht. For example, the broker makes advertisement and lists the boat in Yacthworld or other places dedicated for selling yacht and boats. In the process of advertising, the broker also sets the price. In this case, usually brokers already have the list and reference of price based on the specs of boat.

2.    Negotiating

Once the advertisement is responded by candidate of buyer, brokers will start to make negotiating process. They will maintain communication with the clients and the candidate of buyers. Once the negotiation is done, agreements will be made and the payment will be processed.

In the case of yacht broker who works for the buyers, they will help the client to find specific boat based on the preference of clients. There will be discussion to find the specs and suitable boat. After that, the broker will assist the payment process.