What is Solar Broker? Definition and Example

What is Solar Broker?

Right now, solar system already becomes recommended energy sources. Therefore, the solar installation is needed and many companies need the find the best installers or companies providing the installation. Specifically about the function to find installer, there is solar broker. As what common brokers do, the solar brokers will facilitate clients who need installer, and they will assist to find suitable option.

Definition of Solar Broker

Based on the description above, it is quite clear to see the definition of solar broker. In its definition, it is like common brokers, yet the specific jobs are not similar to automobile or yacht broker. In this case, the brokers do not become the representative of clients in finding the solar energy to buy, yet they will provide services to find solar installer based on some criteria.

In running the jobs, the brokers can work personally or in agency. However, both of them are the same in which they are independent. They may have some recommendations, yet these will be given based on criteria given by clients.  In conducting the services, there will be agreements regarding the criteria, payment, and other mechanism.

What Does a Solar Broker do? Example

In doing the jobs, solar brokers work based on contract or agreement. In other word, they use contractual basis in performing and conducting the services. That's why there can be specific search category to find based on the request or demand of clients. Moreover, the brokers do not provide services for companies or industries only, but they also provide for residential level.

First job of solar brokers is to become the consultant regarding solar system and its installation. They will work as the representative of the company to find and communicate with installers or energy producers. The producers or installers are found in the database of brokers, and these are based on specific demands of clients or buyers.

After being consultant and representative, solar brokers also work to set the contract and agreements. Assets, taxes, payment, and other stuffs are discussed and the brokers will work on behalf of the clients. Of course, things are done based on the discussion and communication with clients.

For the case of residential level, they will help the homeowner to obtain solar power and its installation for house. They will also help to find provider of the energy source and manage the payment, so homeowner will get the powers and services with lower payments.