What is Matchmaking? Definition and Example

What is Matchmaking? Definition and Example

What is Matchmaking?

It is hard to venture toward new business without having the right partner. Meeting that right person or company can be one in a million opportunity. Because of that the term of matchmaking in business realm is getting quite renowned. Since business owner often finds difficult time meeting their perfect match, matchmaking works to increase that possibility.

Matchmaking Definition

Matchmaking is the effort to match two or more individuals for a specific purpose. In the business realm, this effort is often called as business to business (B2B) matchmaking. Unlike the common practice of social networking, this matchmaking process actually forges a real life meeting between prospective partners. Usually, business has specific objective to achieve when joining matchmaking program.

Business is creating more opportunities when meeting a partner through such program. Real life meeting is providing a special occasion to discuss some business matters thoroughly. There is no government issued license for professional B2B matchmaker. However, the representative must have sufficient knowledge in business and finance to be able to contribute to the match.

What Does Matchmaking Do? Example

1. Providing List of Perfect Business Partner

When a business owner wants to join matchmaking program, they have to explain the nature of their own business as well as partner's criteria. Matchmaker is going to look for the most suitable candidates based on criteria listed by client within the database. Client will be presented with list of potential suitors to choose from.

2. Accommodating Meeting Between Partners

Once both parties (and more) have agreed to the match, a meeting will be arranged immediately. Matchmaker is responsible to accommodate such business meeting. It is a tough task since the partners' availabilities must be taken into serious consideration. Usually, the matchmaker will arrange time and location for the business meeting.

3. Offering Business Consultation for Parties Involved

Business owner may have a gist on what they want to achieve by joining the matchmaking program. However, it is not rare to find that they lack of certain knowledge on how to obtain that goal. Matchmaker can provide business consultation for parties involved in this matching effort so each party will be able to make informed decision.

4. Facilitating Business Collaboration Between Partners

Joint effort in business venture is not easy to realize. Both partners must reach the same conclusion in regards to their partnership. Matchmaker plays a role in facilitating collaboration between the partners. Depends on the early agreement, the role of matchmaker can be intrusive in new business partnership or simply as third party facilitator.

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