What is List Broker? Definition and Example

What is List Broker? Definition and Example

What is List Broker?

Those whose jobs require for mass engagement will need to find a lot of people to make their businesses successful. Finding the right people to receive one's campaign is really important for its attainment. In order to find the most suitable people to support business goal, list broker service is used. The broker is able to find the perfect demographic that you are looking for.

List Broker Definition

List broker is an agency (person or firm) that helps client who is looking to expand their business by preparing a certain list. Business expansion is done by doing one-to-one marketing campaign. When the client already has a list of prospective receivers for their business campaign, then the marketing process can be conducted immediately without them having to conduct extra footwork.

There are two main types of list being provided: business and consumer lists. Business list is desirable if marketing strategy involves other businesses. Usually the list will include business area, size, and contact information. Meanwhile, consumer list is utilized in marketing strategy that involves direct relation to product user. Listing will tell about consumer's contact information, occupation, income, et cetera. The possible means of marketing are airmail, phone, and electronic mail.

What Does a List Broker Do? Example

The following passage explains things that a list broker does to fulfill client's needs.

1. Researching Prospective Marketing Audience

A list broker has access of vast market database. When a client approaches the broker, they will ask about client's criteria then research for prospective audience to receive marketing campaign. Knowledge of client's background and marketing plan must be possessed by list broker.

2. Providing List Options and Suggestion

The broker then gives several list options for client. For each list, broker is going to write some suggestions on its plus and minus points. The suggestions are made based on knowledge about marketing campaign mechanism and what client is looking for.

3. Insight about Others' Marketing Campaign

Market database is very vast, but list brokers should share it with each other. Actually, this really helps providing insight to client about how to approach marketing campaign in certain industry. Client will be able to design a more market-friendly campaign. It also prevents them from over-saturating target audience with similar campaigns.

4. Coordinating the Process of Direct Marketing

Another thing that list broker does is coordinating the direct marketing process. Broker obtains campaign material from client then coordinating the distribution to target audience as effective and efficient as possible. In this type of marketing, the target business or consumer will be able to relay their response to client.

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