What is Auto Transport Broker? Definition and Example

What is Auto Transport Broker?

You can easily ship anything nowadays, including vehicles. Unlike other goods, vehicle shipping is a delicate business. First of all, the vehicle itself is heavily regulated by government. In addition to that vehicle is a valuable item. Shipping company will use the service of auto transport broker to make sure that the vehicle shipping process is smooth sailing until the vehicle reaches its destination.

Auto Transport Broker Definition

Auto transport broker is a broker specializes in auto mobile shipping. The broker works in ports en routes to the final port. It assists the crew members of auto shipping company during the transit. The range of helps that broker agent does for ship’s vehicle items very extensive. One of the tasks is coordinating the ins and outs of vehicles which can be a quite tricky process.

In many states, auto transport broker needs to be licensed. There is an administrative agency specifically designed to regulate vehicle carrier. The broker must receive license from aforementioned agency. Broker agency must employ people who are experienced in this field because the carrier transportation is a very complicated business.

What Does Auto Transport Broker Do? Example

This following passage lists things that auto transport broker does.

1. Finding Suitable Carrier for Vehicle

The first task that broker does is trying to find suitable carrier for every single vehicle. In order to make sure that the carrier chosen is suitable, the broker must consider type of vehicle being transported and the recipient address. After that, broker must be able to work on budget as required by the shipping company.

2. Compiling Customer and Vehicle Data

Broker must gain a detailed data of vehicles on board and their recipients from the shipping company. They need to match the data with docking port, carrier service, and transportation plan. The broker must ensure that the information does not get mixed up or customer will complain.

3. Coordinating the Process of Transporting Vehicle

Once a carrier service has been decided on, broker must coordinate the process of transporting vehicle. This involves finding the perfect period for transportation to occur. In addition to that, broker must manage the process of loading and unloading vehicles on the carrier. Without proper care, the vehicles may be damaged during this process.

4. Relaying Instructions to Chosen Carrier

Depending on the vehicle type, sometimes the shipping company or manufacturer has special instructions for the carrier service. This case is particularly applied for luxury vehicles where the manufacturer has special image to uphold. Broker is responsible to relay the information to carrier service.

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