Structured Settlement Services: Tips for Choosing Settlement Planning Services

A structured settlement of payments, is a type of annuity that rewards in cases of lawsuits for injuries or personal injuries, claims at work or other forms of judicial agreements. The owners or beneficiaries receive periodic payments, free of taxes, over the years, according to the stipulations in the contract between the parties.

Structured agreements: Advantages and disadvantages

Structured agreements have gained popularity due to their multiple advantages. However, there are some negative aspects associated with choosing a structured agreement instead of a single payment agreement. Check with your lawyer before choosing a structured agreement.

The advantages may include:

  1. Structured agreements are a guaranteed flow of income through the term of an agreement, which commonly extends for years.
  2. Structured agreements are exempt from taxes.
  3. Payments can not be affected by changes in the stock market.
  4. Payments are a valuable asset that can be revalued and sold in a competitive market.
  5. In the event that a beneficiary dies, the structured settlement payments can be transferred to another beneficiary.
  6. Structured agreements are often an accepted arrangement in a lawsuit, with advantages for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Those who do not want to pursue long-term litigation may prefer a structured agreement.

The disadvantages may include:

  1. Although personal injury agreements are not subject to taxes, other portions of a claimant's compensation, such as punitive damages and attorney's fees, may be subject to tax.
  2. Payments of structured agreements are not flexible once established. If your circumstances change and you need a larger monthly payment or a single payment for an emergency, you can not access the funds without selling the payments.
  3. A judge must approve all sales. If the judge does not approve your justification, you can not sell them.
  4. If you withdraw from your structured settlement prematurely or improperly, rescission charges and fines from the Internal Revenue Department may apply.
  5. Fortunately, some of the disadvantages can be mitigated if the owner of the rent sells part or all of his future payments. Buyers of structured settlement rents can provide sellers with a single cash payment in exchange for some or all of their future payments and a commission.

What is a structured agreement and can I sell my payments?

Most of the time, we are not prepared or we are not very good at handling large amounts of money, as is often the case in trials for personal injury or negligent deaths. Therefore, structured agreements were created. They have come a long way to ensure that winning a case really provides financial security to the winners, just as it was intended.

Congress passed the Law on the Liquidation of Periodic Payments in 1982, which made the agreements increase their popularity. The legislation promoted the use of structured agreements in cases of personal injury, since it offered notable tax exemptions for the money received from the structured agreements.

What is a structured agreement?

Structured agreements are a type of income. This means that the money for the payments of a structured agreement is disbursed through an insurance company. They manage and own the payments. These fees received from that insurance company are exempt from federal income tax, as well as state and local income taxes.

Therefore, a structured agreement is a tax-free demand agreement that is arranged to be subsequently distributed to the claimant through fixed and recurring payments. The only people eligible to receive structured settlements are people who have suffered personal injuries. The terms and conditions are defined in the agreement. The rent retains the amount of money the victim will receive over time.

Can I sell my payments?

A personal injury case in which someone could receive a structured settlement can include:

Workplace injury Traffic accident Drug side effects Slips and falls in public or private areas

The first use of structured agreements was in Canada after a huge demand in relation to a medicine taken by many pregnant women in the 50s and 60s to relieve morning sickness. They became the common alternative to compensation in the 70s because:

Allow for significant increases in some compensation for personal injury Changes in the Internal Revenue Code allowed the recipient to waive the tax liability (subject to specific conditions).

A structured agreement ensures that the beneficiary will receive income quotas for the entire duration of the agreement. Many structured settlement negotiations allow claimants to have a beneficiary they name in case of premature death, a clause that says any payment would be transferred in that case.

Structured agreements are assets; they can be sold or assigned to be transferred through a judicial process. If you have to face expenses, renovations, a large purchase, education expenses or any other delicate financial obligation, the sale of your structured agreement is something you should consider.

What happens after I sell my payments for Structured Agreements?

Naturally we wonder what our life will be like once we make a decision. It is important to consider how a big change will affect your life. The Fortune family wants to help you think about what your life would be like after you sell your structured settlement payment and finally have the amount of money you need. You probably have questions about what happens before and after the sale process of your structured agreement. Let's look at what you should expect after you have negotiated the sale of some or all of your future structured settlement payments.


You may be wondering: How long does this take? Due to the way in which most of the companies buying agreements are announced, people can assume that the process is almost instantaneous. This is a myth used by these companies to deceive you. It can be simple and fluent if done correctly, but this does not change the fact that the process can be quite long. It varies from state to state, so it's best to choose Fortune if you live in Florida, and the entire process can take up to three months before it finally reaches a judge. Fortunately Fortune works with you and your situation, and if your need for cash is more urgent, we can give you a provisional cash advance. Since you never know what the judge has in the file before your case, it is difficult to predict the exact deadline.

How is the Court?

Now that you know that the timeline may be less predictable than you thought, you may be thinking "well, once I have made my wait, what happens in court?"
Seeing the judge in court has a simple purpose. Your situation will be evaluated, then it will be decided if your payments can be transferred or not and you may or may not receive your single payment of cash The worst thing that could happen is that the court decides that you do not have enough need to receive the money at this time, but do not worry, Fortune will make sure this does not happen.

All you have to do at this time is answer some questions from the judge. We will review this more thoroughly with you once you have decided to work with us. However, to have an idea, the questions might include the following.
  • Do you need cash now? Is it the money to pay off debts or to make thoughtful investments?
  • Are your resources available the best way to get the money you need?
  • Will the sale of the payments of your future agreement jeopardize your financial situation?
  • Have you explained all your selling options? Have you considered each of them? (For example, sell some of your future payments instead of selling them all)

Other questions that can be asked follow the same thread. As long as you have plans for your money and your future, it will be fine. Once again, Fortune is here to guide you through the process regarding your life and your future. We will make sure that you get the result you need.

Within a few days after the court appearance, Fortune will receive an order approving the transfer of the court. At that moment, Fortune writes your check or sends you your bank transfer. And voilĂ , you have your only cash payment to start this new phase of your life.

What happens to taxes?

The structured settlements are known to a large extent for not being taxable. Many people choose this option by resolving their claim because they know they will not have to pay taxes on the income received from these payments. Since compensation payments can be taxed, it is a huge point of sale.

This does not mean that the payment of the sale of your structured agreement will be taxed. Again, if you originally chose a single payment at the time of settlement, you will likely be taxed on this payment.

Generally, structured settlement rents remain non-taxable when sold to obtain a single payment. However, individual circumstances can make a difference.

Or pay my debt?

Maybe having the full compensation does not solve all your problems and you are still a bit confused about how to settle your debts. Talking to a debt counselor and reviewing your options may be a good idea. For example, you can contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling ( to find someone who can help you where you live.

How can I use my compensation?

People sell their structured settlement payments for a variety of reasons, but usually have some urgent reason to need the money quickly. Either way, here are some of the ways in which you can use the payment of your compensation:

Pay the university

Invest in your future and in yourself. Going to college to study and learn about what you want for your future is always a wonderful decision. Think of you

To invest!

Talk to an advisor or someone who knows the finances and develops your possible investment options. You can invest in shares or put your money in a mutual fund. Just make sure you are safe and that you are smart; Investigate and talk to the experts first!

Buy a house!

Owning a house is your own investment, of course. Whether you want a condo, a house or an apartment near the city or the beach, you can improve your life and get a valuable asset that you can then use to make a profit.

Buy a car!

Your own car means no more rent payments, true freedom to choose when and where to go, and the possibility of finding a job or going to any job. The market is flooded with robust, safe and high-performance cars that are also cheap! These can last for years when they are well cared for.

Improve your home!

If you have a place of your property, you can use your new money to improve it. Improving your home with remodeling not only makes your daily living experience a little more enjoyable, but it adds lasting value to your home for the future.

Can I sell my payments again?

Some people assume that if you have already sold some of your future structured settlement payments, you can no longer sell any of the remainder for a single payment. This is absolutely false!

You can, of course, sell your structured settlement payments a second time, even if you have already sold some!

You will not be penalized for being merely sensible the first time you searched for a single payment in exchange for some payments. It is understandable that life continues and that circumstances arise that we can not account for. Even when things go according to plan, we can not always calculate external changes and needs. There is no legal limit to the number of times you can sell your structured settlement payment; so do not worry about this possibility.

How to choose the right buyer for the Structured Agreement

Large companies of structured agreements have begun to be perceived as deceptive and manipulative; They are often accused of taking advantage of people who find themselves in very difficult financial situations.

Although we want to avoid generalizations, it is easy to see why this has become the common perception. Most people who have decided to sell their structured settlement payments or some other income do so because their situation has changed in such a way that they now NEED more money.

While you may only want enough to start your dream business or perhaps make a down payment for a house, many people have more serious problems and really need more income as soon as possible.

Any kind of business that takes advantage of and benefits from the despair of others is simply inappropriate. And it is entirely possible that you will find buyers of structured agreements that seek to do just that.

If you need to sell your structured agreement, your first priority should be to find a buyer who always wants the best for you. Large structured settlement companies have no incentive to do this, since they are so large that they will get unscrupulous customers.

Here Structured Settlement Annuity Companies rely on a different business model and, therefore, employ a different tactic. Structured Settlement Annuity Companies will not take advantage of you, because we want you to get exactly what you need from this transaction.

We are able to focus on the situation of each client more completely. In addition, we can analyze your scenario in a local context in regards to the place where you live.

Let's review some details of the sale of your structured agreement.

Protection laws

Your structured agreement was not useful because you need your money at this time. Maybe you want to invest or change your life. Maybe you have a stronger need such as having lost your home. Structured settlement payments were not the solution for you, but they have helped countless injured people.

However, they have a disadvantage. Structured agreements, as you know, are an income that belongs to an insurance company and is given periodically. Technically, you are not the owner of the money in this income.

The insurance company is. This means that if you want a larger sum of money from your general agreement, there is no way for you to receive an instant transfer of cash.

Periodic payments can be very beneficial, but do not adjust to the changes. Most people have times in their lives when they need to take advantage of their savings. Often you simply need access to the money that belongs to you.

You can not access your structured settlement and withdraw more money than you have scheduled. To solve this problem, the factoring companies buy the rights of their payments of structured agreement not received.

They buy their future payments at a discount and get an eventual profit when the insurance company continues to make the original payments. This commitment allows holders of structured agreements to access significant single payments when they need them.

As with any legal arrangement, there are federal regulations. As we have said before, this type of transaction lends itself to a company taking advantage of you. The government wants to prevent this from happening, but as in anything else, it can not do much, since it can not control the financial decisions of others.

In order to regulate these transactions to prevent those who have suffered damages from being exploited, the law requires a forty percent tax on payment purchases like these if they are not made in accordance with the Structured Settlement Protection Laws, which they are state laws.

Lawyers and other professionals who are more familiar with the particular regulations of your state will know how to best help you. All of these state laws establish that factoring transactions must be approved by a judge.

You, as the owner of the structured agreement, must prove your genuine need for money and calculate the amount of the requested payment.

Regulations for lottery rents and winnings may vary, but a beneficiary can not simply withdraw money from a structured agreement because he wants to make a good trip, buy a new car or enjoy some other luxury.

To keep the operating companies under control, state laws tend to require that the transfer of the rights to payment of the agreement be in the best interest of the beneficiary, which is you.

Luckily, the judge is on your side. And although there are numerous operating companies, not all buyers of structured agreements want you to lose out.

Fortunately, Structured Settlement Annuity Companies also on your side.

How does this work?

As we have said, sometimes collecting payments from your structured agreement is your only option. Maybe that $ 650 monthly payment helped him with his first medical bills after his injury, but if he lost his job or encountered any obstacle in his life or unexpected event, a single payment is not only tempting, but is made necessary.

Once the decision has been made and you, the beneficiary, start up, you will be offered a pre-payment amount for the delivery of your future payments accompanied by a discount rate.

I will briefly explain what a discount rate is. You can compare the discount rate with the interest you would pay for a loan, which ranges from 6 to 29 percent.

Therefore, a lower discount rate is better than a higher discount rate. Keep in mind that most structured settlement companies, at least those that have no interest in taking advantage of you, always give you the option to negotiate and communicate to reach the best possible solution. Basically, your initial offer and the discount rate that accompanies it are not fixed.

Again, the judge is on his side and it is he who makes the final decision. If the company properly follows the regulations and the details of its situation are decisive factors in this decision. Take this into account and choose a Buyer of the Agreement that guarantees the approval of the court. In addition, a company deeply familiar with the laws of your state will be able to handle your case more adequately.

The state in which you live, the payments you request and the amount of payments affect your eventual judicial approval. Your settlement purchasing company, whichever you choose, should make sure that these three components are set up so that you get court approval and your money. Of course, it is a little more complex than this, but that is the essence of the process.

Depending on your state and county, the entire process, from requesting your money to receiving it, can take between 62 and 90 days.

A number of factors intervene in the amount of the single payment, and people seldom sell all of their future payments. You can sell your payments for the next 5 years if that is all you need for your current situation.

With the passage of time, the factors themselves have changed and become more sensitive. In addition, the exact manner in which these factors influence your decision varies depending on your jurisdiction and the insurance companies in your state.

For example, if we think about the 2008 crisis, some people were worried that the insurance companies that distributed their monthly payments would become insolvent and lose their money. This, naturally, caused many people to want to sell their compensation. Many considered the buyers of agreements to obtain a single payment for fear. We do not know the dynamics and the particularities of the situation of each individual. But we do know that judges would generally not accept this fear as a good reason to withdraw money; but nevertheless,

If fear is the reason you are selling, reconsider it. Because, Structured Settlement Annuity Companies is here to help you if you need to sell your payments for the first time or repeatedly.