How to Replacement Air Filter

Replacement Air Filter

Air is one of the components needed in the process of burning car fuel. When your car is driven, the air entering the engine must be free of dirt and other small particles. Here the role of air filters or water filters is very important. The air filter serves to filter the air that enters the car so that it is clean of dust, leaves, and other impurities before the air is used in the fuel combustion process.

In general, air filters or water filters must be replaced every 20,000 kilometers. Dirty air filters must also be replaced immediately because the air will not be able to enter the engine. If this happens, your car's engine cannot run efficiently.

You need to know:
  • Replacement air filters / water filter is very fast and the price is not expensive.
  • Air filters / water filter cannot be repaired, they can only be replaced.

  • Water filters or air filters should be checked every time your car is serviced regularly. If this filter is dirty, immediately replace the component with a new one so that your car's fuel combustion process can work optimally.

Symptoms that indicate that your car needs to replace the air filter / water filter:
  1. The engine feels rough when walking
  2. The car engine can't turn on
  3. Wasteful fuel consumption
  4. Check engine lights on

Can a dirty air filter cause car not to start?

Replacement Air Filter
Air filter is one of the most important components in the car. It's just an air filter, of course the job is to filter the air. The function of the air filter is to filter the air to be sucked into the combustion chamber through the air intake. The air filter will filter out dust and dirt particles so that they are not sucked into the engine room. If the air filter does not function properly, it can make the engine break down.

How do I know if my air filter is bad?

Vehicles that run well can help drivers reduce overall operating costs. Replacement air filter is one way to provide maximum efficiency while driving.

Not only does the engine affect waste or not your car uses fuel. Air filters are important actors for the efficiency of your trip. Make sure you pay attention to the signs given by your car to replacement air filter.

1. Ignition Problems

Problems when starting a vehicle can be a clear sign that car air filters require replacement. Over time, because the air filter decreases in terms of performance, it will allow dirty air into the engine which leads to damage to the spark plug.

When spark plugs are affected by dirt and other contamination, spark plugs cannot play their role in engine ignition. Driving with dirty plugs from a poorly performing air filter will often find that it takes several tries to start the engine.

2. Reducing Fuel Efficiency

Those who drive long distances to work or on weekend trips must pay close attention to the amount of time they fill to refuel. The need to fill vehicles more regularly over time is often associated with the performance of air filters.

Contamination in the air filter can cause blockages, which limit the flow of air to the intake, preventing the vehicle from reaching the ratio of burning air optimally. While vehicles with fuel injection engines will be vulnerable to this problem, drivers who see a significant reduction in fuel efficiency must consider air filters as the main cause.

3. Changes in the appearance of the air filter

Filter appearance is one of the clearest indicators of this problem. Most new air filters are pure white. But when the filter becomes damaged over time, it will often turn dark, because dirt and debris that has been stuck or lodged in the air filter.

Vehicle owners must check their air filters during the day to see if there are significant changes to the exterior color. Additional lights will help the owner look inside the filter to check for additional dust or other problems.

4. Reduced Acceleration and Power

If you feel the car power becomes sluggish when you want to accelerate, it can be a sign that the filter is very dirty. We recommend that you immediately check your car's air filter, checking with a trusted technician is certainly better to diagnose the problem.

If there are no problems with other components and the filter looks very dirty, you should replace the filter with a new one.

5. Exit Smoke From Exhaust

An air filter that is saturated and very dirty, will make many particles into the combustion chamber and cause incomplete combustion which is marked by the release of smoke from the exhaust, it can even be thick black smoke.

If you find a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust, maybe it's a sign that your car's air filter has been requested to be replaced with a new one.

Can you replace your own air filter?

Every component in the car requires regular maintenance, no exception for air filters. The function of the air filter filters the wind entering the combustion chamber so it is not dirty. The more smoothly entered, means the better the combustion process inside the engine.

Conversely if the air flow is not smooth then the combustion process will not run perfectly. The air is not smooth because the air filter is dirty or covered in dust. So there's no harm in always paying attention to the condition of the air filter. If it looks rather dull or a lot of dust must be cleaned immediately.

Car air filters can be cleaned at home, this way.
For filters made from stainless steel, it is more beneficial because of its easy handling. Here are some ways to clean the filter:

1. Dip the air filter into clean water and vibrate the filter so that the dirt is released,
2. Can also use running water,
3. Can also use water spray with low pressure,
4. Check the filter that has been washed, there is still dirt stuck or clean.
5. If there is still dirt it can be cleaned with soap.
6. If the dirt sticks it can also be cleaned using a soft brush, not wire.
7. After the dirt is released, rinse the filter by dipping it in a bucket of clean water.
8. Can also use running water.
9. Dry the filter with a compressor or fan.
10. When the filter is dry the filter is ready to be reused.

Cleaning air fiter can be done regularly, depending on the use of the vehicle.

How important is this service?

The air filter or dirty filter water must be replaced immediately because in this condition the air filter cannot filter dust and dirt entering the engine. In addition, your engine cylinder and engine oil can be contaminated with incoming airborne dirt particles. If this happens, your car's engine can become durable and fuel consumption will also be wasteful.

Because of the importance of clean air intake to the engine, eating an air filter is one component that must receive extra attention. Here are our suggestions for maintaining these baigan:

Check car air filters regularly, so that conditions are monitored.
Clean the air filter regularly, for example once a month. It is better to spray with pressurized air, to release the dust that sticks. You can request a workshop service that has an air compressor.

Use air filter products that are recommended by car manufacturers, because the difference in filter pore size will greatly affect the quality of the air entering the engine.

Thus tips about the signs of the car's air filter must be replaced and how often the air filter should be replaced.