There is nothing as practical as a minimalist design. After all, the minimalist design turns the living room into a clean and relaxing space where everything inside has its own uses. Since practicality is the main idea of minimalism, a living room interior will be simple and interesting. Do you want a simple and interesting living room? If the answer is yes, try our tips below.

Feature Flat Surfaces and Clean Lines

Flat surfaces and clean lines are two features you will find in any minimalist living room. If you want a simple and interesting living room, you need to feature a lot of flat surfaces and clean lines.

Limit the Color Palette

A minimalist living room usually uses white and neutral colors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use other color palettes for your living room. You can, but you need to limit it. A few bright colors here and there are good. Too much, on the other hand, will be overwhelming.

Zero Clutter

Our next living room interior design minimalist idea is zero clutter. If you have clutter in your living room, it is time to declutter. In a minimalist living room, there is no room for clutter. Declutter your living room by adding furniture and other items that you think is necessary and remove others that don’t.

Incorporate Accent Decorations

Although being practical is the main idea of a minimalist design, you shouldn’t avoid using bright colors and decorations. You can use bright colors and decorations. The key is to use them appropriately. Bright colors and decorations, like painting, portrait, and items with bright colors, will make a minimalist living room even more interesting.

Add Texture

Adding texture into the living room prevents it from being dull and boring. So, go ahead and add items like a floor rug, textured pillow cover, and others textured items into your living room.

Living Room Interior Design Minimalist: Tips to Keep the Interior Simple and Interesting