How to FTP to a Server: How to Create an FTP Connection With Your Server

What is FTP

FTP or file transfer protocol uses the acronym acronym extracted from the English File Transfer Protocol. It is a type of network protocol for transferring files between systems connected to a network. An FTP connection allows for example that your computer can connect to a server to upload, download and modify files without having to log into your server and with a visual appearance very similar to the folders of a computer.

If you manage several websites as is our case, this way of working greatly facilitates the work, since from a single interface you can access all of them.

Data for the connection

In this tutorial we will configure an FTP connection to access an account hosted on WEB. At the end of this tutorial we will add links to create FTP connections to the main hostings.

We access our client area and click on active services (red box of the image). In this page we will find one of the data that we will need for the configuration of the connection: THE IP address of the server (green box of the image). We save it and access the Cpanel (blue box of the image).

If you can not find the IP address of your server, get in touch with the hosting support, they will provide it.
According to which servers instead of the IP address we can put of the domain.

We access FTP accounts and fill in the data they ask us:
  • Login: User name with which we will initiate the FTP connection.
  • Domain: For that domain we will create the connection, in case you have several domains in the same account.
  • Password: We create a password and repeat it.
  • Directory: If you want the connection to be made at the root of your directory, leave it empty. If not here you have the opportunity to define the route.
  • Fee: To define the transfer data limit for this account.
  • For the configuration of the connection we will need the username and password, which we will save with the IP address. With these 3 data we can configure it.

Configuring Filezilla and connecting to the server
Filezilla is a free program to create FTP connections from your computer to the server. You can download it by clicking here . Once installed the program click on the site manager (red box of the image) and we will create a new site in the site manager and fill in the fields with the saved data.
  • Server: We will fill it with of the domain or IP address of the server.
  • Protocol: We will leave by default, FTP- file transfer protocol.
  • Encryption: We will leave by default, use simple FTP.
  • Access mode: Normal.
  • User: We will add the username.
  • Password: We insert the password.
With these steps and only we have to click on connect and we will be connected to the server from our computer.

On our left the local site or our computer, on the right the remote site or the server. To upload files to our server is as easy as clicking on the file and dragging it to the folder on the right that interests us. We leave you a list of routes to follow for the most relevant content:
  • Path to upload templates: / public_html / wp-content / themes
  • Path to upload plugins: / public_html / wp-content / plugins
  • Path to upload images: / public_html / wp-content / uploads / year / month. This route is for images uploaded to the media library, sometimes there are plugins that create their own image folders.