How to convert VGA to a composite video

Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a type of video input commonly used to connect computers to monitor computers . On the other hand, composite video is a video input quality standard used, in general, to connect devices such as DVD players to television sets. Although VGA and composite video are not compatible with each other, you can buy a small piece of hardware that allows you to convert the first to the second by plugging the corresponding cables into an adapter.

Plug the cable of your VGA into the corresponding VGA input of the adapter.

Insert the composite video cable into the corresponding input or output of the adapter.

Plug the other end of your composite video cable into any device you had in mind to connect it. Do the same with the other end of the VGA cable. The video signal will pass through this last cable and then go to the adapter. Then it will go through the video cable composed of one artifact to the other.