How to Care For Goats Successful And Profitable

How to care for goats - There are still many goat breeding businesses that are of a side business nature and are traditionally carried out. This is very unfortunate, considering the goats business opportunities are still wide open and very profitable.

The way of modern goats is the answer to the high demand for goat meat in the market. In addition, modern goat breeding has many advantages, including cost, time, labor, feed efficiency and management management.

This modern goats can be applied in various business scales, ranging from small to medium scale businesses, to large scale.

Goat farming can now be done by anyone and anywhere. This is because modern goats have different feed and management compared to traditional goat breeds. So that it does not require certain requirements or criteria like traditional goat animals.

Through the adoption of the latest technology and innovations, the way modern goats are declared more intensive. Here are some tips on how to modern goat cattle that you need to apply.

Goats Management

Goats cages are one of the main needs of a goat farming business.

The goat cage serves as a resting place, protecting from predatory animals, especially dogs, as a place to eat and drink, as a place to mate and breed, a place to store feces and urine, and to facilitate the management of goat herds.

There are 3 things you need to do in goat management:

1. Goats Cage Terms

There are many things that need to be considered in determining the location of the goat cage. among others are :
  • The place is quite high and protected from standing water.
  • The distance is quite far from the house or well.
  • Get enough morning sun.
  • Protected from direct wind blows (especially at night).

2. Goats Cage Size

The size of the goats cage needed for modern goat farming is very efficient, because it does not need to be too large. So that it can save space and the cost of making a cage.

The size of the goat cage is 3 X 1.5 meters for 10 goats as in the example picture above.

Cages on modern goat farms do not require large size, this is because the feed provided saves space. Apart from their different sizes, maintaining clean goat pens is also easier. The cleanliness of goat cages is easier because it is supported by a small cage shape with a stage floor.

The relatively small size of goat cages with a maximal population will reduce the movement space or activity in goats.

It is useful in the transformation of feed into energy reserves in the form of meat, fat, and little that becomes impurities. So that not much feed is wasted due to motion activity, which can automatically speed up fattening in the goats.

3. Goats Cage Care

Goat cage care is absolutely necessary for modern goats.

All parts of the goat cage must be cleaned regularly. Like cleaning the cage floor, kokopan goat feed and repair as soon as possible if there is a part of damage to the goat cage.

The recommended type of goat cage is a type of stage cage.

The type of stage cage has advantages:
  • Cleanliness of the cage is more awake, because dirt and urine fall down.
  • Dry cages, so that diseases caused by parasites and fungi are not easy
  • Avoid attacks by wild animals, such as dogs or others.

Goats Seed Management

The selection of good goat seeds will greatly determine the success of the goat fattening business.

Good fattening goat seeds are:
  • Aged more than 6 months.
  • Fat tail (not whip).
  • Long body, male (preferably).
  • Strapping and healthy.

Chicks of goats aged> 6 months are chosen because at this age they have entered the period of meat formation so that they are fatter faster. Goats that are less than 6 months old are not used because they are still in the period of bone formation so it takes a long time for the fattening process.

Goat Feed Management

The uniqueness of the goat as a ruminant animal is a complex (poligastric) digestive system. This digestive system is able to convert high fibrous feed ingredients (grass, straw, etc.) as the main source of energy and convert non-protein nitrogen compounds. For example, conversion of urea into a high-value protein for production needs.

Goat feed given to modern goats, especially fattening can be either forage, concentrate or fermented feed. This goat fermentation is useful as a substitute for goats food.

Good combination of goat feed is a combination of goat feed fermentation and concentrate.

Goat feed fermentation and constants can meet the needs of protein and crude fiber which are very much needed in the process of fattening goats. Fermentation is also very useful for balancing high expenditure from concentrate feed (Efficiency). This is because fermented feed is food that can be obtained at low prices.

Efficient use of feed is measured by the ratio between the amount of feed consumed by the goat and the output produced.

Ways to make efficient use of goat's feed can be achieved by managing the right feed. Among others, management of the allocation of the optimal amount of feed, efficient concentrate formulation, selection of nutritionally balanced and economically feasible raw materials and the determination of the timing and frequency of strategic feeding.

The contribution of efficient goat feed usage is very large on the economic efficiency of the overall production business.

Techniques for Making Goats Feed Fermentation

Fermentation of goat's feed can be obtained from agricultural waste and organic waste around us.

The remaining agricultural waste or agricultural processing industries that can be fermented and used as basic feed for goats are coffee skin, cocoa skin, passion fruit skin, pineapple skin, straw, and much more.

The following is how to make, tools and materials used to ferment goat's feed with basic ingredients of rice straw.

Goat Feed Fermentation:
  • 100 kg of rice straw
  • 0.5 Kg of Molasses
  • 1 liter of goats Specialist Liquid Organic Supplements
  • Enough water

Goat Feed Fermentation Tools:
  • Knife / straw chopper
  • Drum / closed container
  • Open tub / container

How to Make Goats Fermented Feed:
  1. Wash straw with running water. This is useful for removing impurities that can interfere with the feed fermentation process.
  2. Dry the straw until it feels the water content is slightly reduced and avoid dirt that can interfere with the fermentation process.
  3. The rough count of rice straw is about 8-10 cm in size. Don't chop straw too little, because the size that is too small can reduce the goat's appetite.
  4. Put straw in a large open tub / container.
  5. Add Molasses, 1 liter of goats Specialist Liquid Organic Supplements, and enough water.
  6. Stir well until the straw and added ingredients are evenly mixed.
  7. Enter into a closed container, then store and let stand for one week.
  8. After one week, fermented feed can be used.

In the goat fermentation process, the role of bacteria is very important. Without the bacteria that serves to help the fermentation process, fermentation will not work.

The use of liquid organic supplements containing 5 types of good bacteria is very useful for helping the fermentation process of goat feed.

The types of bacteria contained in goats Organic Liquid Supplements are Bacillus brevis, Bacillus pumillus, Bacillus mycoides, Pseudomonas alcaligenes, and Micrococcus roseus. These five bacteria are needed in the process of making fermentation from various organic materials, such as straw, cassava skin, cocoa beans, and others.

goats Specialist Liquid Organic Supplements get certification from the National Accreditation Committee (KAN), International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and Seloliman Organic Certification Institute (LeSOS).

Goats Maintenance Management

The way of modern goats must be with good goat management. Maintenance management consists of feeding, caring for goats, and maintaining animal health.

1. Feeding

The frequency of feeding depends on the type of feed given. The most important thing is that feed needs are met and given regularly by considering the nutritional content of the feed.

2. Goats Care

goats care is needed to ensure the success of efforts to fatten modern goats. This is a little different from traditional goats that care for their goats is not very noticed.

Animal care can be in the form of shaving, nail cutting, and other treatments.

3. Bathe Goats Cattle

Bathe goats at least 2 times a year. Dirty cattle because they have never been bathed are more susceptible to diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.

The purpose of bathing goats or cutting nails is so that diseases originating from parasites and fungi that nest on their nails or fur can be prevented / eradicated. In addition, goats that look clean will look healthier and more attractive, so they have a higher selling price.

4. Addition of goats Supplements

The most important way of goats and must be considered is the addition of liquid organic supplements.

Supplements for goat animals must be safe and not cause side effects in the long term. The function of this supplement is to increase the body's immunity so that it is not susceptible to disease due to harmful bacteria, viruses, or fungi. That way, the death of goats can also be minimized.

In addition, supplements also function as stimulants in accelerating the growth of goats, so that cattle fattening can be more profitable.

Supplements that meet these criteria are Liquid Organic Supplements.

Liquid Organic Supplements contain:
  • Benefical Mocroorganism (beneficial bacteria), so as to prevent diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses entering the goats body.
  • The bacteria contained in Liquid Organic Supplements serve as a support for fermenting feed.
  • Contains vegetable and animal elements which are needed by goats
  • Can create antibodies / immunity, so that animals are not susceptible to disease
  • Improve metabolism, so that goats growth becomes optimal and large.
  • goats manure does not smell, because the digestive process of goats is aided by Benefical Mocroorganism.
  • Environmentally friendly, because it is 100% organic.
  • Safe to use in large quantities and in the long term.
  • Improve the ability of goats to digest feed
  • Increasing goats appetite and maintaining the balance of microflora in goats digestion.

How to Care For Goats Successful And Profitable
So many benefits from this Liquid Organic Supplement, of course you as a goat breeder really need to add to the list in the care of modern goats.