Epoxy Resin Flooring For Homes

Epoxy resin flooring for homes

The use of epoxy as floor coating material both in industry, homes, or offices seems to be increasingly popular nowadays. This epoxy paint is also increasingly in demand because this paint provides a lot of convenience for maintenance affairs. Because it has a fairly high durability, and costs are much easier when facing cracks, sapling or damage to concrete.

However, it turns out this epoxy paint has many other advantages. For this reason, we will discuss advantages of using epoxy as floor coating for homes. And the following, complete information.

Beautiful appearance

Epoxy floors, have a little difference when compared to the usual floor. For floors that have been coated by epoxy, it will automatically increase the brightness of the floor and professionally. Not only that, even the surface of the floor that has been coated with epoxy will feel very smooth and very easy to clean the dirt.

Affordable prices

As explained earlier, that when compared with various other types of coating paint, this epoxy paint has a more affordable price. This is related to the direct installation process carried out on the floor, so that the costs incurred are less.

Nearly perfect resistance

Epoxies coated floors will have high resistance to various types of stains. Call it like dust, oil, gasoline, bleach, etc. So no, wonder if the epoxy floor is widely used in the automotive industry. Not only against dirt, epoxy coated floors will be more resistant to chemical spills while also resistant to heat and water, without producing other negative side effects on the floor. And one that is not less important is that epoxy-coated floors will be resistant to all kinds of bacteria and germs, and make the floor easier to clean.

Protect buildings

The use of epoxy coating on other concrete building parts are also able to protect from various symptoms of moisture, stains, oil, and cracks. Of course for the long-term, this is very good for saving maintenance costs and for the durability of the building itself.

Provide variations on the floor

Bored with the color of the house floor that's all? Then the best answer is to coat it with epoxy floor paint. Epoxy paint on the floor has many color variations and patterns that can be set individually, while making it look more beautiful and more elegant than before.

Epoxy flooring resin for homes

Epoxy flooring resin or epoxy floor coating for homes is one of the best solutions to overcome the damage to your concrete floor. This epoxy paint floor can be applied to the floor of the house in various rooms to enhance its appearance. There are many old houses and need major repairs especially on the floor conditions. Sometimes floors inside or outside the home have damage that has been left for years, as a result the property value will decrease.

One way to increase the value of a property or house is to improve the condition of the floor of the house including the garage floor. Epoxy floor / epoxy coatings can be used to improve the condition of damaged floors. This epoxy floor paint is not only used for a variety of industries, but also for home use epoxy floor painting. Epoxy floor paint that is applied in this house is suitable for garages, offices, basements, rooms, or other locations. This epoxy layer consists of resin and hardener, both of these mixed materials will provide hard properties, last longer in a longer period of time compared to ordinary floor coatings.

The application time of this epoxy floor painting process is shorter than if the floor is dismantled, cemented and then installed ceramic. There are many benefits that can be obtained from the use of epoxy as a coating on the floor of the house. The use of epoxy paint on this floor can be more economical. In old buildings, you only need to prepare the concrete surface to be coated with epoxy paint, while the old ceramic that is still good does not need to be dismantled because the epoxy paint layer can be directly applied on the ceramic. Epoxy painting can provide excellent durability and scratch resistance so there is no easy damage in the long run. The appearance of the epoxy layer will also remain attractive in the long term because of its durable color.

This epoxy paint can be applied to various places such as for floors of houses, restaurants, shops, offices, and others. The benefit of this painting is that it can improve design integrity, easy maintenance, a good alternative to carpeted floors, and other benefits. This epoxy painting has several types that you can adjust according to your needs. For floors that are only passed by people, it is enough to use a thinner epoxy layer and for floors that are passed through heavy loads such as to store vehicles in the garage, can use a thicker type of floor painting to be durable and not easily damaged.

Epoxy floor paint is also a good choice for coating the basement floor or garage floor which is often only gray cement. This epoxy paint has a variety of attractive color choices and can provide convenience for you when cleaning the surface. Epoxy floors can provide more protection against various stains such as leaky oil spills, or other liquids. The epoxy floor coating will remain intact in a variety of room conditions even in hot garage conditions. Epoxy painting that is done properly and correctly on the floor will provide advantages on the floor such as durable, strong adhesion, water resistance, rust resistance, acid and salt resistance, non-toxic, heat resistance, and can reduce maintenance costs.

There are many people who are still hesitant to use epoxy floor paint, because the term epoxy is often referred to as a dangerous chemical. If you really want to know more about this epoxy paint, please contact us. Epoxy paint is resistant to various liquids and abrasion resistant. This epoxy coating does not absorb liquids including chemical liquids so that if there is liquid spilled onto the surface it will be easily cleaned. This epoxy paint is also suitable for use in homes located on the beach because this epoxy paint also has excellent resistance to abrasion and salty sea water.

Many epoxy paint products we find in paint shops, some of these epoxy paint products will attach ways to mix them, but there are also paint products that do not provide information on how to mix the paint clearly. For that, before using epoxy paint on the floor or wall surface at home you should know the methods of painting clearly so that the results are also as expected. To get a good, guaranteed epoxy floor painting, you can use an epoxy professional painting service so that the painting results are more perfect and according to your needs.