Energy recovery, the perfect solution for your company

Today, it is essential to save energy both in homes and in the world of industry. For this reason, and through energy recovery , the necessary technology has been developed that allows said savings. These devices take advantage of the recovery of the braking energy in a more efficient way. Using this energy, the objective is to redistribute it, in such a way that it can be used by other users of the same network.

Innovation at the service of energy regeneration

After decades of experimentation and work, the use of industrial converters and renewable energy, energy savings is possible. Finally you can access effective solutions to recover the braking energy produced by industrial machinery .

The creation of regenerative teams brings the answer that your company was looking for to save energy. In most electrically controlled industrial applications, the same movement of the machine, can make the electric motors act as a brake. This causes the kinetic energy of the machine to be converted into electrical energy, and by applying a regenerative process, said electrical energy is returned to the network.

Examples of this are the winders, the presses, the lifting systems, the centrifuges, and a long etcetera. The work of these machines generates electrical energy in a cyclic way starting from the kinetic energy. The bet is to take advantage of this energy, controlling it and managing it according to the needs.

What happens with conventional systems, is that they dissipate the energy in a caloric way, instead of taking advantage of it . This undoubtedly has a considerable impact on both the economy and the ecology. This impact affects both the company and a more global level.

How do energy recovery systems work?

Energy recovery or regenerative inverters are based on active power technology. These inverters provide proven reliability and versatility. Supported by a special software configuration, the user can select a square or sinusoidal waveform, for greater efficiency.

Another advantage of energy recovery, is that they are designed to adapt automatically to the conditions of the network . For this reason, they ensure a perfect synchronization and a more effective result.

On the other hand, if a power failure and / or disconnection occurs, in that case, the regenerative converters are able to control the braking energy. As a result, all maneuvers that are necessary to stop the machines safely can be executed. If you use the regenerative inverters, along with the frequency converters , you will be making the most of the capacity of the machines.

In addition, energy recovery systems also allow the monitoring of performance and load curves. For this, an optional programming console is used, or it can also be done through communication modules. This console can be configured quickly and easily to improve the overall performance of the unit.