5 Minimalist Home Decorating Ideas That You Must Try

Sometimes, less is certainly more. The minimalist style is a good example of that principle. Decorating your home in a minimalist style is a good idea. Why? Because with a minimalist style, your home will look clean, tidy, and free from clutter. Not to mention it really pleasant to the eyes, too. Below, we listed 5 minimalist home decorating ideas that you must try.

#1: Neutral Base

First and foremost, create a neutral base. The base color is the core of a minimalist décor. The best colors to be used as the base color are subdued hues. For example, greige, biscuit, and ecru hues. These hues give off a fresh, clean and calm vibe.

#2: Declutter

Decluttering is one of the early steps to design your home in a minimalist style. You can’t get the minimalist feel and look if there is clutter in your house. That is why you need to declutter first. Put items in appropriate storage and keep things in an orderly manner.

#3: Keep Things Simple

Yes, you need to keep things simple. Pare everything back, tone everything down and always remember that less is more. Make the décor simple but beautiful.

#4: Quality over Quantity

In a minimalist style, the number of things is kept at a minimum. Rather than going for quantity, you are going for quality. This is why you need to take your time and consider which pieces of furniture to add into a room. The goal is to create a comfortable and cozy space with as minimum items as possible.

#5: Similar Tones, Different Textures

Neutral tones can feel bland or cold. Yet, a minimalist style uses neutral colors a lot. The question is, how can you remedy it? The answer is texture. Items such as velvet décor, sheepskin rugs, beaded pillows, and knitted rows, add texture and prevent the space from looking bland or cold.

5 Minimalist Home Decorating Ideas That You Must Try