How to get Boogie Down emote

How to get Boogie Down emote
How to get Boogie Down 'Emote on' Fortnite: Battle Royale '. Fortnite is undeniably one of the biggest games in the world, the Free To Play game made by Epic game is really selling well V-Bucks or game currency to buy various skins in the Fortnite game, with transactions through Credit Cards making a lot of money scamer who tries to infect malware on Fornite player devices with the lure of free V-Buck in order to steal the victim's personal data on the Fortnite account including Credit Card data. Lots of Fortnite players get alert emails about trying to log in to a failed account, and many Fortnite players ignore it because they feel the person who tried to steal the account failed.

It seems that Epic Game as the game owner has a new strategy to improve account security. Epic also issued a prize sharing event for anyone whose account activates two-way authentication via a mobile device, which makes Epic game accounts more secure than hackers, because usually they are looking for the easiest to break into.

How to get Boogie Down Emote

  • Login to Epic Account via the game launcher or
  • Select Manage Account under your gam ID name
  • Password & Security then you will find the Two-Factor Authentication text
  • download the app authenticator on your smartphone
  • Use the app authenticator that you have downloaded to scan the QR code
  • Login Epic Account to get Boogie Down Emote

After that, every time you log in, the Epic Game authenticator app will provide a temporary code that you need to log in or buy items, something Steam has applied to steam guards first.
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