Used Safety Nets For Building Construction Project

It should be noted, building safety nets are construction equipment that functions as safety, both safety for the building itself and for workers.

This building construction safety net has several main functions, which are arguably very important for a development construction project.

Used Safety Nets For Building Construction Project

Used Safety Nets For Building Construction Project

Main Function of Safety Nets for Building Construction Project

The main functions of building construction safety nets include:

1. Building Construction Security

High-rise building projects are vulnerable to the collapse of building materials around construction.

This can endanger people passing near the building or objects around it.

The use of building construction safety nets to protect and prevent building materials from falling directly down, so that they hit people or objects underneath that could cause accidents or damage.

2. Building Protectors from Dust and Foreign Objects

Installation of building nets also functions as a protector of buildings from dust or dirt carried by the wind.

Dust and dirt may be able to hit the building and cause damage to the building indirectly.

With the installation of the nets of this building, the building will remain safe and protected.

3. Maintaining the Safety of Workers

In addition to protecting buildings and preventing the collapse of building materials, the building's net also functions as a protector of the safety of its workers.

With the installation of safety nets for building construction, it will minimize work accidents due to falling from the top of the building while working.

Workers will not fall directly to the ground that could endanger their lives but is held back by a web of buildings.

How to Install Building Safety Nets

In general, building construction safety nets are installed in vertical and horizontal shapes as needed. For more details, refer to the following.

1. Horizontal Installation of Building Nets

This horizontally installed building net usually functions to protect workers who are working on certain floors of the building.

So, these nets are only installed around the floor area being worked on with the aim of protecting workers from falling.

2. Vertical Installation of Safety Nets for Building Construction

Whereas for vertical installation aims to protect all sides of the building that need protection.

Building nets are installed around the building area from top to bottom.

This overall installation is usually done when the building is nearing the final stage of development.

That is a brief review of the function of building safety nets and how they are installed.

Of course, this nets is very important, for the safety and security of buildings and workers.