Real Estate Broker Requirements

real estate broker requirements
You are a fresh graduated person who doesn't know what profession you want to be? Maybe the agent of the property or the term cool bro, can be one of the list of jobs that should be cultivated.

The main requirement to undergo the broker's profession is to be resilient, honest, and never give up. Next, you can learn the ins and outs of property while living it.

Launching review, there are five qualifications that need to be achieved to become a reliable property agent.

First, get permission
Since the end of 2015, AREBI (Association of Indonesian Real Estate Brokers) has continued to intensify licenses for brokers through the Professional Certification Agency (LSP) Property Brokers.

By having a certificate / license, the property agent is considered to have the ability to run a job as a broker.

How do you get this certificate?
Property agents who want to get a certificate / license can come to the LSP Property Broker Secretariat on Jl Jambu No. 2, Menteng, Central Jakarta (Tel: 021-3909913).

For brokers outside Jakarta and Java, the LSP Property Broker opens a certification service collectively. Invite other agents to take care of the certification, later the LSP Property Broker will come to your location.

The existence of this rule is considered important considering that Indonesia has opened opportunities for the Asean Economic Community (MEA). With the enactment of the MEA, foreign property brokers will easily enter Indonesia, so competition between brokers will be even tighter.

Second, find a property agent office
This second step is actually an option. You can choose between being an individual / individual property agent or incorporated in a business entity.

When choosing the second option, then look for a property agent company that has a good and trusted reputation. The easy way is to check the credibility of the company through reviews on social media or blogs.

You can also ask for advice from relatives who understand the ins and outs of a number of property marketing agents. Then, see if the broker's office is opening vacancies for sales.

When you find it, it's time for you to apply. Luckily if you are given the opportunity to walk-in interviews, you can directly ask about the company profile.

For consideration, don't forget to ask these four things to the personnel department;

Does the company provide additional courses to employees or property agents?
Is there a companion who is ready to teach me?
Should you apply a typical company style when communicating with clients?
How long does it take to get a commission?

The advantage of being part of a property agency is that you can get guidance from seniors and client databases that you can develop on your own.

Third, prepare a budget
This budget is needed to prepare yourself. At least an initial fund of around Rp1 million is needed to make a business card, become a paid member on the leading property website, or maybe register as a member on AgentNet portal.

Not to mention to get a broader insight, you should take part in various courses or seminars that explore the world of property.

Even though they have to spend a certain amount of money, the information obtained is able to enrich themselves as well as capital to sell.

Fourth, build relationships and portfolios
The best method for building a portfolio is twofold: finding a mentor and using a private network.

Barbara Kennon, of the National Association of Realtors, reveals that finding the right mentor is especially necessary for beginner property agents.

They are certainly able to guide you in the process of buying and selling property to how to quickly get clients.

While the second method can be done by using the people closest to you. Contact relatives who are planning to sell their house, land or apartment, and offer them to use your services as an agent.

Finally, active on social media
The following steps certainly do not require large capital, only require internet quota on your smart phone. Social networks that can be used to market your property listings include Facebook, Twitter, or even Path.

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Property Brokers are cool names from Business Brokers or Real estate broker. The task of property brokers bridges investors or buyers and sellers. The existence of a property broker is very helpful for sellers or buyers who want to buy, rent, and sell the desired property. Property brokerage services in selling-buying-leasing properties are supported by the synergy of the five main stakeholders, namely: Government, Banking, Developers, Associations and Communities. How to become a property broker by joining a Property Broker's Office.

Property brokers are grouped into two, namely Freelance Property Brokers and Certified Property Brokers (Join a company). You do this by joining a Property Broker's Office.

Reasons why broker property is a job choice:
  • Relatively not using capital
  • Unbound Time
  • Fair and High Income
  • Many Relationships

Property broker rates are usually diverse which are applied to the seller. There are even fees for sellers and buyers at the same time. If not, the agent offers an unnatural amount for marketing services. What if the BTN houses are sold at selling prices below 300 million? How do you not lose when using agent services when buying your home?

Generally, fees for property agents range from 1-3 percent. Pay attention first, is he an office agent (an agent who works under the auspices of a particular brand) or a traditional agent (BT). Office agents usually charge 1 percent of the selling price for properties that are worth more than 3 billion. 1.5-2.5 percent for property prices between Rp. 500 million - Rp. 3 billion, while a 3 percent commission is usually for property values ​​below 500 million. This is not without reason because the amount of fees obtained by agents must be further divided into offices (proportions vary according to office policy).

Well, if you use BT services, you can calculate the amount yourself. Certainly, not the same as when using office broker services. This is because BT does not know the term profit sharing. All fees will go into your own pocket. So a 1 - 2 percent fee is a commission that I think is appropriate for BT.

Try to compare
If the selling price of the house is 100 million, the commission for office agents of 3% is 3 million. If the proportion of fee sharing between the office and the agent is 60:40 then the net fee that the agent receives is only 900,000. If you use BT and we only give a 1% fee, then the commission he receives is 1 million. Of course, using the services of an office agent and BT has its own advantages and disadvantages.

real estate broker job description    
  • Candidate must possess at least SMU in Property Development/Real Estate Management or equivalent.
  • Required language(s): English, Bahasa Indonesia
  • At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): sales
  • Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor) specialized in Property/Real Estate or equivalent.

  1. Give actual information about the condition and market price of the property to the client
  2. Suggest sellers how to make their homes captivating buyers
  3. Compare the same types of property in an area to determine fair and competitive market prices
  4. Make a list of properties that are right for buyers based on price range and needs
  5. Guide buyers and sellers when conducting transaction processes
  6. Manage contact lists
  7. Mediate buyers and sellers
  8. Arrange and submit all required documents, including the lease or sale and purchase agreement
  9. Offering a number of the best property listings that can be used as a basis for consideration for consumers
  10. Promote property through advertising, listing services on property portals, and open houses
  11. Showing property listings marketed to prospective buyers
  12. Able to influence potential clients to buy, sell and rent property
  13. Continue to update the latest news regarding trends and real estate law
  14. Willing to work on evenings and weekends to accommodate client needs

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